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Are charter schools using freedom for innovation as an obstacle for public access?

In a recent article on, Valerie Strauss reports on the ideas presented by Carol Burris, the executive director of the nonprofit Network for Public Education, about the ability for charter schools to use their freedom for innovation to hide information,

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Differing Charter School Circumstances

Is it relevant to lump all charter schools together when reporting their performance, impact, success and/or failures?

Is it relevant to lump all charter schools together when reporting their performance, impact, success and/or failures? Is it appropriate to create charter school generalities drawn from combining very different schools, with incommensurable missions and student populations? The following information, as reported

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The potential costs of charter school expansion

This interesting article discusses the findings of a study aimed at understanding the impact that charter schools are having on school districts in Michigan. Including descriptions such as “smoking ruin,” this article and study are worth the read. You can read

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