Is Colorado’s lack of charter school oversight an embarrassing gamble for funding?

Is Colorado's lack of charter school oversight an embarrassing gamble for funding?Show me the money! Colorado charter schools have calculated that, given the rate of inflation, thirty pieces of silver is now worth approximately $46 million.

The controversy surrounding Colorado charter schools continues to grow as details of their intentionally non-existent oversight comes to light. In his June 30th article published on, Jonas Persson describes a chilling tale of how Colorado won 46 million dollars in federal grants by touting their almost complete lack of oversight in the hiring and firing of charter school teachers.

Persson uncovered documentation from grant reviewers looking to expand charter schools within the US who specifically cited Colorado’s unmonitored charter school teacher hiring and firing policies, employment of non-certified personnel, and non-union stance as reasons for their endorsement of granting Colorado funds.

Persson’s article, “Feds Awarded Colorado Charter Schools $46 Million because of ‘Hiring and Firing’ Rules” should be read in its entirety as he reveals disturbing details about Colorado charter school oversight. Read full article here:



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