Issue OverlapA Jeffco resident is curious why there appears to be nobody in Jeffco talking about why only 1 in 4 Montessori schools are American Montessori Society members, the impact that occurs from the noticeably reduced free and reduced lunch students in charter schools, an estimated 28% of charter school students are non-Jeffco residents, disproportionate mobility rates, and so much more.

In February of 2016, Jeffco Resident Donald Oatman submitted to Jefferson County Public Schools leadership a thorough review of charter school issues not actively being discussed. Topics included in Mr. Oatman’s review include:

  • Differing Charter School Circumstances;
  • Types of Charter Schools;
  • Nonresident Students in Jeffco Charter Schools;
  • Student Mobility in Charter Schools;
  • Charter Schools Capital Improvements and Debt Service Issues;
  • Perceptions of Financial Transparency and Charter School Audits;
  • Charter School Student Performance;
  • Issues Not Addressed and Further Questions; and
  • Materials Pertaining to Doral Inc. and Academica.

Mr. Oatman notes that “All of the information included in this review has been gathered from public sources, to include materials available from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), Jeffco schools, web sites of the individual charter schools and many other public sources.”

As not all of our readers have enough time in one sitting to digest all of the important information presented by Mr. Oatman, CAREColoradoKids will be highlighting specific sections of this review in future posts. The complete 78 page Overlooked Issues Pertaining to Jeffco Charter Schools Review is available here.

CAREColoradoKids would like to recognize the hard work and dedication to transparency in our public schools on the part of Donald Oatman. Please keep following your passion for keeping the conversation moving forward!

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