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Has a lack of Colorado charter school transparency allowed for more conflicts of interest?

DSST Potential Conflict of interest

More holes in Colorado’s charter school oversight structures. Despite the well intended safeguards put in place through the Colorado Charter Schools Act (C.R.S. 22-30.5-104), and other legal requirements for education providers to provide the public with transparent access to their

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New charter school report alleges more than $216 million in fraud waste and abuse

Charter Fraud and Waste

Is the lack of charter school oversight burning money? According to a Center for Popular Democracy report released May 2016, evidence suggests that charter school waste, fraud and abuse has now topped more than $216 million. Building on previous research, the

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Montessori Peaks Academy

Montessori Peaks Academy

Montessori Peaks Academy This page is dedicated to understanding the problems and issues facing Montessori Peaks Academy. If you have come here looking for help because you have experienced problems at MPA, rest assured you are not alone. Please contact us

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